Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Small People Produce Loud Stomping.

Why do small sized people walk the loudest? The main corridor in my office leading to the main office areas is tiled but the main office areas are carpeted. From where I’m seated, I have a good view of the entrance into the work area from the corridor.

And when I hear loud stomping or very loud clickity-clacking of heels on the tiles, I’m naturally disturbed from work and I look up, only to see the people who walk into the room with the noises preceding them are petite framed girls who weigh less than 100 pounds.

Maybe it’s the case of the smallest dog with the biggest bark. Not that I’m comparing my slight sized colleagues with a dog of course. I’m merely making an analogy.

I read a book which explained why small toy dogs will pick a fight with a large dog 10 times its size. The book says it’s because owners tend to pamper small dogs more, often giving them treats throughout the day and giving in to their every whimper. Also, when out, their owners often carry the dogs in their arms or place them on seats and on high places. Thus, with that vantage point, the small dog is often looking down on everything and they feel that they are at par with their humans.

Maybe small sized humans just think that they are bigger than they actually are due to whatever reasons which may give them that notion. Or maybe they feel a need to make a bigger presence because they’re small.

I’m not quite sure what it is but I’m hearing stomping in the corridor again!

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