Monday, May 05, 2008

Sin Chan Ramen

Lionel The Off Roader recommended a Japanese noodle restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara. It’s called Sin Chan Ramen, near the new Cold Storage. Paul & I went there and the first thing I noticed was that the owner or the manager was seated at the best table in the house doing paper work and looking worried. That’s really odd for a mid range to high end place, I thought. But I ignored her and concentrated on the décor of the place instead which was quite nice indeed.

Paul ordered his usual katsu don and a variety of finger food. I ordered pork noodle which came with a slab of butter melting in the soup. It was absolutely delicious!

But there was a small flying insect circling my head as I ate, there was another insect crawling out the wall and there was a loud STOMP which I ignored cos I was enjoying the meal while trying to ignore the 2 insects. Then Paul said that the stomp was due to one of the kitchen crew stomping on a cockroach which crawled from near our table towards the kitchen. Ewwww! Gross and extremely hygienic.

When I see such things in a high end restaurant (it’s accepted in stalls when you’re paying a few bucks to eat while seated beside a drain), I always swear not to go back there.

And we haven’t gone back there. But recently, I’ve had cravings for the buttery soupy noodles.

Gosh. To stick to my principles and ensure I don’t get a tummy ache from that place? Or screw it, pay a lot of money and eat dirty food that tastes good?

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