Tuesday, May 13, 2008

5 Deaths in 5 Months

I’ve been to 4 funerals this year.

It started with Cheryl’s dad, then Edwin, Paul’s grand aunt, and my aunt just last week. And yesterday, I heard from Michelle Who Stays On The Seashore that my ex-MD from Euro RSCG, Shirley Foenander’s dad passed away. It’s really quite sad.

And we’re not even half way into the year yet!

So either more people are dying these days. Or I’m growing older and so is everyone around me, hence the higher death rates.

Everyone, please remember that wills are important even though you think you don’t have a lot of assets. You could go any time and it will save your family a lot of hassle even if it’s just to with withdraw whatever small savings you have in the bank. Better it goes to your family or nominee rather than to the government right? As it is, our money is already being spent on buildings which doesn’t benefit us and holidays into space for one person who worries about things which are totally beyond human control when you’re tumbling and free wheeling in space.

Oh and I also learnt that if you have a will as a single person, it becomes null and void the moment you’re married. So remember to do up a new will when your marital status changes.

One thing I’ve learnt about death is that it’s never convenient and children should never ever have to go before their parents. It’s heartbreaking just seeing a parent have to bury their child. I can’t image what they actually go through.

It’s funny. When I was younger, in my teenage years and in my early 20s, I’d be perfectly fine if I were taken from this world. I lived the way I want and always achieved what I wanted. While I still live the way I want to now, there seems so much more I want out of this world. There’s so much I can’t bear to leave behind the more years I spend on it.

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