Monday, May 05, 2008

Trendy defines “trendy” as:



of, in, or pertaining to the latest trend or style.


following the latest trends or fashions; up-to-date or chic: the trendy young generation.


appealing to faddish taste: a trendy hotel.



a trendy person, place, object, or idea.

While having lunch with a friend, she mentioned that she liked my ear rings very much. So I went out to buy the exact same pair and dropped it off at her office a few days later. Incidentally that day was her birthday too. So she was extra surprised and happy.

She wore them to work today and she sent me a SMS to say “Thank you! They’re really trendy”!

Trendy. We all know what trendy means but that word is hardly used to express ‘the latest trend’ anymore. When was the last time you heard someone say ‘trendy’?

Does anyone remember the shampoo ‘New & Trendy’? It was pretty big in the early 80s. The brand died but resurfaced again recently only to die yet another death.

Anyway, these days, if we wanted to say that something was trendy, we’d most likely use words like ‘cool’, ‘hot’, ‘happening’, ‘hip’, ‘funky’, ‘in’, ‘stylish’ and even ‘stylo milo’ if you were trying to be overtly Malaysian.

Trendy is no longer trendy. That’s so ironic!

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