Thursday, October 09, 2008

Change of Wedding Dresses

I could never understand why brides change their dresses so many times during a wedding. Some tell me that the dresses are so beautiful and they can't decide so they'll take all 3 and change 3 times so that they can wear and showcase all the dresses. I think that's bull. It's not easy getting in and out of wedding dresses. Most dresses need a helper to help you into it. And even then there's a lot of hopping or jumping involved. Of course, this is all behind the scenes. Hahaha! Not to mention at least the hair (if not the make up too) needs to be changed or modified slightly to complement the dress. What a lot of time wasted doing all of that. I rather be spending my time being among my friends at your wedding rather than in the changing room.

But I finally understand (kinda) the reason now that I'm a bride myself.

And I'll be changing twice. But not for due to the beautiful dresses.

The wedding dress itself is usually very beautiful but tight fitting. But it needs to be tight fitting in order to have that WOW factor and for the bride to look like a princess (or a fairy, in my case). So I'll start off with the main bridal gown (of which I have 2, for the different weddings) and when I can no longer breathe or move, I'll change into a second dress which is more comfortable and I can move around and mingle easily.

It's not easy to walk around in a tight dress, with a full skirt, with a train and in high heels to boot.

But i still won't go to the extent of changing 3 dresses.


oddey said...

thanks for commenting on the colours. I wrote my response on my own comments page...don't know what the norm is. but now the flood gates are open for comments and its great to talk bride to bride.

My fiance is Aussie and he doesn't believe me when I tell him that brides change 3-4 times at chinese weddings. but I totally agree with seeing so many dresses you like you want to wear them all. I don't know if you get the Martha Stewart weddings magazine in KL. The dresses in there are to die for with a price tag to match. I use to bookmark the pages thinking I could find a really good(cheaper) version. In the end I bought the first dress I tried on in the store that was within my budget thinking I could get it slightly altered to be my dream dress. When I took it to shorthen the hem and change the straps, the tailor wanted to charge me 300 dollars. It was the first time I got a bit hysterical in the shop. So its been finised and hanging in my wardrobe for months and I always get a niggling feeling that I might have settled on it too soon except that I refused to go looking at other dresses and boycott the Martha stewart magazine these days. So having 3 dresses doesn't sound so bad.

Bubbles said...

I think the Martha Stewart mags can be found here but only in specialty stores.

Most brides do pick the first dress they see. Or if they shop around after that, often they will go back to get that first dress anyway.

Maybe brides are 'led' to The Dress as soon as they start shopping for a gown. But brides wanna be sure so they shop around anyway. Hahaha!

One problem with weddings is budget. Most normal people have a budget and it's a good idea to stick with it. If u over spend at the start, it's just going to get worst towards the wedding date when unforeseen situations will happen where you'll have to pay more because the wedding must go on!

So I think u r wise with sticking to the budget.

It's a bad idea to start a marriage in debt and spend ur first few years together paying off for that one day of a wedding.

So stick with the dress u chose. But if u do have extra budget, buy a second and cheaper dress. U can change into that towards the end of the night. It doesn't need to be fancy. Just as long as its comfortable and u like it. Dunno if ur fiance will understand tho. Hahaha!

Do u have a wedding theme?

Are u Malaysian?

oddey said...

copied from my comments:-

We live in Sydney but I'm originally from KL. I've been reading heaps of wedding blogs. I don't know what the fascination is but I love it when brides go into detail even though I hardly write anything about my own wedding.

I have to say I've been to a few chinese weddings in KL and I completely agree that even though the chinese banquet with 500 guest is really lavish, its very impersonal. I came back to Sydney and vowed I wouldn't get married in KL. but my mom has made us promise to thrown a dinner recepion for our relatives next year. I'm fine with that..because its only going to be dinner with none of the pomp.

Read your response to my earlier comments. Your colour scheme sounds fascinating. I couldn't imagine using such bold colours (like I said, I like beige and even injecting some colour in my dress is difficult, btw thats picture is only half the dress, I'm getting a bolero made to wear for the evening reception. I hope it turns out well because my gown is store bought off the rack so I couldn't find an exact colour match for the material. Anyway,its only a different shade of ivory again :P)

I like your theme, My fiance wasn't keen on having one. When I suggested a theme for the wedding he said it should be a Looney Tunes theme or no theme at all. He's not concerend about the details(typical guy) but there are a few things that he knew he didn't want, which is fair because it's also his wedding too. but gradually the casual nature of the wedding has developed its own theme, picnic garden party theme.

We're having the ceremony outdoors at the the Mount Tomah Botanic gardens in the Blue Mountains. Later we move to a small cafe in the gardens for the evening reception on the outdoor terrace. I hope it doesn't rain on the day.

Anyway, I happily await your next few wedding post with bated breath. Hope you are not too stressed and everthing turns out perfect. cheers

Anonymous said...

I can't help chipping in! I'm Malaysian with an Aussie fiance too, and until May this year I was working in Sydney.

I took time out to backpack Europe on my own and have now returned to KL. I initially started from the viewpoint that I couldn't be bothered about wedding receptions - never grew up imagining my wedding dress or anything like that - but I've been surfing bridal blogs, esp Msian ones, and may be a little inspired to do something for the wedding next year! I like the fact we Msians are practical with our bridal gown rental shops. In Oz, it seems typical to buy or tailormake a wedding dress, dresses for one's bridesmaids', etc, which can amount to capital for a small start-up! :)
Wish you guys enjoyable weddings and great marriages!

Bubbles said...

Your wedding dress is already so sweet. It'll go perfectly with a bolero!

And once you wear it, I'm sure it will feel like it's 'your' dress even tho it's store bought because you've made your own modifications and injected your own ideas into the design even tho it's store bought It's gonna turn out lovely for you. :)

Looney Tunes! Hahaha! Believe it or not, I started out wanting a Powerpuff theme. I'll be Bubbles and my fiance can be Mojo Jojo!

But in the end, I thought that was more suited for a more light hearted event, so I used it for my birthday instead and that was excellent!

Picnic garden party huh? That's excellent since u r in Oz and their great outdoor is nice and the weather mostly permits.

I hope it doesn't rain on both our special days. :)

Almost all the things pertaining to the wedding are sorted. So I'm gonna do my best to chill and relax and just wait for the big day .... :)

All the best to you too.

Bubbles said...

Hi Anon!

Wow, backpacking thru Europe sounds fantastic. How long were u there?

Where is ur wedding gonna be? Oz or KL?

Yeah when it comes to the bridal gowns, we do have practical solutions tho they really aren't that cheap, tho I'm sure it is if compared to Oz!

It's not Malaysian custom to make dresses for ur bridesmaids but I was at a Thai fair one day and saw some really nice tube dresses (so that no one will have fitting issues cos I can't get everyone together to try it on) with a crumpled and slightly ruffled effect in some amazing hues cascading from light to dark which would suit the wedding perfectly. Each cost RM25 (about UAS$8?). And i managed to find fairy wings for RM5!

So I guess there are cheap solutions if one hunts around.

And as every bride knows, getting married costs a fortune!

Unless we just go registered but how many parents n parents in law would agree to that?

All the best to ur wedding too!

oddey said...

hmmmm...dont know about rentals..I think m'sian fashion has come along way from when I remember back when bridal dress rentals looked very 'chinese lounge singer type' so I've never cottoned on to that concept but my cousin rented and she got something like 4 dresses in a package, hence the quick changes at the reception.

Hi Anon, true in Australia we buy the dress but we have such amazing designers here that make dresses that could pass as wedding dresses for a fraction of the cost. I went to Paddington (shouldn't have after I bought my dress which was from Allanah Hill) and was floored to see alot of really lovely gowns from Lisa Ho, Wayne Cooper etc all for under $1000.

Bubbles, its a shame you couldn't make the trip to Melbourne for your HM. The fashion there will blow you away. I know you have the terrible exchange rate to think about but the Aussie dollar is dropping...that helps a little

Anyway...its spring racing season in OZ...they are coming out with very lovely fasinators and feathery/floral hair peices...I had to resist buying one for the 'keep it simple' concept keeps getting more elaborate..pretty soon I will end up looking like a lounge singer myself

Bubbles said...


Yeah fashion is a lot better now and we have a lot of bridal houses to choose from (if one chooses that route). In SS2 alone, if u r familiar with he area, there are more than a dozen!

Also, our local designers are really making a name for themselves, here and overseas.

Yeah it's a shame about Melb but i figured i could do a separate trip in the future just to Melb n Sydney and I want to have enough time to cover those 2 cities. So many of my friends have migrated to both those cities. I need to go see and feel for myself if that's for me too.

Yes the A$ is dropping so that's great for me!

What's spring race?

Anonymous said...

I was backpacking for about 2 months - just to Western Europe. Being in my 30s, I guess I'm a bit older than the usual 20something backpacker demographic! It was kinda funny to meet this Canadian gal on her first solo trip who said, "Gee, I hope I'll still get to go backpacking at your age!" But it will probably be my last solo trip. Dont get me wrong: I think solo trips are great, and a good experience at least once, but I find myself gravitating more towards old friendships, family and my partner as I get older. Actually, on the trip itself, I met up with a few old friends scattered about in Europe so it was not all new people all of the time.

Bubbles, church wedding in Oz. Possibly a reception in KL.

Oddey, I hadn't thought about "dresses that could pass off as wedding dresses". Thanks for the idea! I like your dress on your blog.

Bubbles said...


I totally get the feeling of gravitating towards old friends, family and our partners. Guess that's what we appreciate more as we grow older.

All the best for both your weddings!

Unfortunately it's quite hard doing a church wedding in KL unless u r a regular at a church and you also need to fulfil a whole list of criterias. So it's great u r doing urs in Oz!

Enjoy the wedding planning process and I hope your wedding will be as beautiful as you imagine it to be.