Monday, October 13, 2008

RSVPs still coming in

I'm supposed to be chilling and doing things are a leisurely pace for the next few days leading up to the wedding.

I have all my things in place and the team knows exactly what to do.

But as with all events, there'll always be curve balls.

I've done up the final guest list and done up the seating too because the RSVP deadline was on 1 Oct.

But till now, I still have friends RSVPing to say they are coming.

So I'm constantly going back to my Guest List and Seating Plan and moving people about.

And my mum, being the last minute person she is, will not be done with her RSVP till Wednesday!

This is so frustrating. But I'm not allowed to be frustrated.

Sigh. I'm going to Mid Valley and The Gardens now. The make up artist told me to go buy the Shu Uemura bridal eye lashes. Apparently this is THE fake eye lashes for a bride to use.

I'll also go walk about and just relax before picking up one of my bridal gowns this evening.

Just a few more days to go. I'll survive this.


oddey said...

hey this is interesting...Wanted to know about those fake eye lashes and how real/natural do they look? I have typical chinese eyes, my heavy upper lid comes down practically on my lash line so you won't even see if I'm using an eye liner.

Bubbles said...

Hi Oddey!

There are elaborate ones with bright colours and with diamantes) and there are natural looking ones too.

These days, a lot of people wear false eye lashes. All the stars do it. But even normal everyday people have started using them daily because it makes such a difference to ones eyes.

I have Chinese eyes too. Single eye lids and incredible hard to do up eye make up.

Don't brides in Oz use false eye lashes? Cos nearly ALL of the brides here do.

In fact it u go any where to do your make up here (cosmetic counters or at salons), they will always provide false eye lashes.

Will post up the pics of the Shu Uemura false eye lashes later.

Meanwhile, check out my pre wedding pics I posted up a few months ago. Used false eye lashes there.

oddey said...

No, Aussie women have beautiful eyes with the most prominent double eyelids. I have doubles but my upper lid comes down to the lash line...I look sleepy most of the time..the single lid is better in that you can still use eyeliner and it will show

Bubbles said...

Ah, the curse of the Chinese eyes. Sigh. Oh well. With modern R&D and technology, at least we can get some help. :)

Ally said...

I have a friend who sticks the little plaster or the double eyelid maker on her lids to create a more prominent lid. She used it everyday that one day, the lid became permanent! I thought that was amazing.

Bubbles said...


I've seen those plastic thingies but have no idea how to put them on. Have u tried? How long till the eyelids become double?