Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So, What Do You Do?

The tenant in my Ritze Perdana studio needed to move out so I set out to look for a new tenant. I was a bit worried about the tenant moving out before the end of the tenancy agreement and it also came at a time where I'll be busy with my wedding then going off for my honeymoon.

How will I have time to call realtors, show the unit and meet the prospective tenants?
But before I could make calls, half a dozen realtors were already contacting me, looking for vacant units. I didn't realize Ritze has become such a hot piece of property!

So after a few viewings by different people and different realtors, one girl was very interested and was willing to put the deposit down the same day. I met and interviewed her and the offer to rent was signed.

Despite everything, your job, what you do and your position says a lot about you and plays a big part in first impressions. It sure does when I look for a tenant. Since I've not met the person yet and initial negotiations are usually done over the phone, the first question I'll ask the realtor is if its a male or female. The second question is what does he or she does.

(My new tenant is a doctor).

And yes, I probably would not want to rent the studio out to a male student unless I was really desperate.

It's the same when you are out meeting people. Be it a corporate or social event, after the rounds of introductions have been made, name cards would be exchanged. Or if it was a more social event, the next question is always "So, what do you do?" And with your answer, the other person would have formed an initial impression of you which leads to how they would interact with you, be it consciously or subconsciously.

I'm trying really hard not to let my job define me but in the society we live in, it's pretty hard.

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