Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What Happened To My Day?

These days, I wake up and before you know it, I'm in bed again. I have no idea where the day has gone so I flip open my To Do Book (yes, it's a To Do Book, not a To Do List) and go through what has been filling up my day. I find that my day is usually filled with these things:

  • Confirm the honeymoon plans with Live Life, Travel! Ashley.
  • Pass travel details to insurance agent for travel insurance.
  • Finalize the wedding flowers with the florist and check on set up time.
  • Inform the wedding planner about the florist's set up time.
  • Research fairy flowers for the table placards (I'm using flower names rather than numbers).
  • Send selected fairy flower names to Paul for him to print out and for me to cut up and pass to Passion Road.
  • Chase the photographer for the wedding album.
  • Check with Sin Cyn on the RSVPs from those invited from Saatchi.
  • Call more people up (because people just don't RSVP)
  • Pay the supplier for the wedding alcohol.
  • Prep the wedding kit.
  • Buy citronella sticks to be used as fragrance cum mosquito repellent at the wedding.
  • Redo the wedding budget because the numbers keep on rising.
  • Talk to the art director on back drop design.
  • Go for a wedding dress fitting.
  • Save pictures and videos for DJ Beryl to be added on the wedding video.
  • Go to the bank to make some change in personal details.
  • Complain to the condo management about the faulty water heater.
  • Supervise the plumber in fixing the water pressure.
  • Reschedule hair cut & colour.
No wonder I wonder where the day has gone!

How would I have managed if I was holding on a full time job?

Thanks goodness that's all in the past. Because my days were so jam packed and I did so much in the past few weeks, I can safely say that nearly everything for the wedding has been done. The next few days will still be pretty busy but from this Saturday onwards, Paul and I are going to take it easy, relax and just look forward to the wedding day. We're going to check ourselves into a spa this Saturday and just enjoy the day without running around doing any errands or wedding stuff.

Can't believe the wedding is just one week and a bit away. We've come a long way from when we first started the wedding planning.

I'm really looking forward to 18 October 2008 and watch as magic unfolds.

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