Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Paul!

We had a celebration at home which was also in conjunction with the stag night, hen night and house warming too!

I bought Paul a PS3 for his birthday.

And as soon as Jon arrived, the 2 of them were already playing.

Then people started to arrive.

See the look on Sin Cyn's face? Sure she has a Coke bottle in one hand. But what's in her other hand?
Probably a bottle of whiskey.

Sing a birthday song to Paul (don't we already start to look like husband and wife? Hahaha!)

After the chocolate birthday cake was eaten, it's time for the games to begin!

It stared with a boat race then Paul got into his stag getup.

And I got into mine.
And just like the good old teenage days in the park, we sat in a circle, placed an empty beer bottle on the ground and a bottle of whiskey too. We spun the bottle and whereever it pointed, the person downs one shot of whiskey, then chooses a Truth or a Dare.

After a dozen or so rounds (of the game and of whiskey), it was Dare all the way.

And that explains why there are no more pics to show ........

As agreed with everyone present, whatever happens at the party, stays at the party ;)

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