Monday, October 13, 2008

Fairies and Garden Gnomes

A friend just MSNed me to ask how the wedding prep was going so I updated him that it's going very well indeed.

And I was wondering, apart from my bridesmaids and Joyce Kinky Blue Fairy, who else will come dressed up.

He said that he'll come as a garden gnome.

I think that's an excellent idea! Even tho he's probably joking.

Whenever I ask a guy friend if he's dressing up, they usually respond with "You must be joking" and give me this wide eyed, mouth gaping look.

Or they'll just stare at me, furrow their brows, cock their heads to one side, squint a little and walk away.

Marsupial will do his standard -ine-I'll-humour-you-but-you're-out-of-your-mind look while shaking his head really slowly from left to right.

I can't wait to see Joyce who's been so excited about the wedding right from the start. She's even bought her wand from Bali. And Looqy who's in New York and has ordered her wings just for the wedding.

Why do girls get more excited about dressing up and going for themed parties more than guys?

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