Thursday, October 09, 2008

Getting Used to the Title

I recently had to fill up a form. As with all forms, it starts with selecting your title.

Mr, Mrs or Miss?

So I filled in my name first and went back to look at the 3 boxes with the different titles.

In the end, I checked 'Mrs'. Figured that by the time they processed the application, I'll be married.

Recently Paul's friend opened a new salon so we went to say hi. Paul introduced me as his wife.

It felt a bit strange. But it was kinda nice. Guess I'm just not used to it yet.

It'll probably take a while to get used to the change of status from Miss to Mrs and from 'girlfriend' to wife'.

Wonder how long till it becomes second nature.


oddey said...

Getting very excited for you, can't wait to see the photos. I'm getting married November 22nd. Still tossing up my colour scheme can you believe it? I have no idea how you locked yours in so soon...mine changes from week to week. originally I wanted a really classy white and muted scheme but my fiance's loves colour and he's got alot of colour in his outfit where else I'm all in shades of ivory so I feel like I have to injec some colour in mine to match his. but we agreed the reception shoud be a burst of colour. I still can't decide whether my bouquet should be all creams like my dress or multi colour like the reception. BTW whats your bouquet going to be like and the colour of your fairy reception?

oddey said...

btw, if you're interested in the only thing I've posted about my wedding, you can read my blog ( which I hardly post to)

Bubbles said...

Hi Oddey!

Congrats to u!

Still tossing up the colour scheme? Wow! Hahaha!

Mine was decided at the start of the wedding planning because I've already decided on the theme (The Secret Garden of the Fairies).

Usually the wedding date is set first. Then the theme and finally the colours. And from then on, all elements of the wedding usually flow from these 3 items.

That's why I knew what colours I'll be using from the very start.

The dinner venue will be in gold and red. Red to symbolize love and passion. And gold to symbolize magic and fairy dust. The tables will be dark wood which is like it's set in a fairytale land. And lots of candles and bubbles all around to set the mood.

I'll start out in an ivory wedding gown with a small, very domey hand bouquet of red roses and green eustomas with some red berries and a trailing organza bow. The combination of deep red roses and light green eustomas is so amazingly beautiful!

I'll then change into a green and yellow (it doesn't sound very nice but again, the colour combination and the fabric makes it a magical fairy dress) dress and wearing the fairy wings and holding a wand.

If ur dress is ivory n ur fiance is in different colours, how about if ur hand bouquet is a mix of different flowers and colours to match his outfit.

No matter what anyone says about how matching is not required these days .... have u ever seen a lady wearing matching shoes and a matching bag? There something about it that makes you look again. What more if it's a matching look, complementing both the bride and groom?

All the best in your wedding! Hope u finalize the colours soon. You'll be a lot more settled once you confirm that.

Congrats again!

Bubbles said...

Yes! I wanted to read ur blog and see how other brides are progressing with their weddings but there was no link in ur earlier post. Thanks for sending it! I'll go over and have a look now. :)

Suzanne said...

Your colour schemes sounds great and you have everything sorted. Can't wait to see pictures!

All the best on your wedding. And don't forget to enjoy your wonderful day!

Bubbles said...

The wedding was fantastic and so was the honeymoon. Just got back and started work right away. Gonna try and upload pics and blog about it soon!