Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Moment, A Week From Now

This exact time next Saturday, I would be married (we're bringing the Registrar of Marriage to us), taking photos with friends and family and having cocktails while waiting for more guests to arrive for the second part of the wedding (not only are there several weddings but the Fairy one has 2 parts to it). I would have signed the marriage certificate, don on my white fairy wings and be ready for the fairy bridal march.

The wedding is just one week away and I'm glad to say that there's not even a hint of panic or rushing through the To Do List simple because nearly everything is done!

After 10 months of planning and running around (with the last 6 weeks being the most frenzied), finally, there's really not that much left to do.

I did tell myself that the one week before the wedding is for chilling and total relaxation. No more running around allowed. I need to focus on being radiant and to be able to enjoy the wedding and not be stressing out about the minor details (which is really hard because my event planner mode is perpetually switched on).

I've passed some decor items and candles to Passion Road this morning.

I went for my fav beef ball noodles near Central Market.

I came back home, checked my email and read friends' blog.

Tomorrow morning, my mum, Paul and I are going shopping in KLCC or The Gardens.

Then the wedding planning committee is having a final meeting in the evening. After which, I'm going to hand over the reigns to the wedding planner and to my team.

I was hoping for Paul & I to go for a 3 hour couples spa session this Wednesday.

I've a mani & pedi scheduled for Thursday.

And on Friday, it's the Chinese wedding and on Saturday, the long awaited fairy wedding.

I'm going to clean the house now. Why? Because I've time to do mundane things like that.


Mirebella said...

1 week! Gosh - it feels just like yday when I read a blog entry of your proposal in Bali!

Let me congratulate and wish you all the best Bubbles. Its the start of a wonderful journey - small, significant and memorable.


Bubbles said...

Hahaha. I can feel the 10 months of planning being lifted up and all the plans coming to pass as I count down the days.

There was a lot of tears, screaming and disagreements at the beginning (very normal for weddings unfortunately) but everything has fallen into place and I can't wait for the day to arrive.

Thanks so much Mirabella!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Congrats, and all the best!

Bubbles said...

Thanks Faux Fashionista!