Monday, October 13, 2008

Dishing Out the Embarassing Stories at the Wedding

During the final wedding planning committee meeting, Fruitcake the Matron of Honour and Jon, Paul's best man threatened to dish the dirt on us during the speeches at the wedding.

I know Paul is quite 'clean' so they won't be able to get much about him.

And somehow though I've dome so many insane things in my life, I'm not afraid at all. Simply because there's not much I've done that my friends don't know about.

Like the time I broke my foot when I fell off a pole in Iguazu Club in Bangsar and continued dancing till Fruitcake asked me why I was dancing on one foot to which I replied I was not but looked at my foot anyway and realized that my foot was the size of a loaf of bread. I was then rushed to the Accident & Emergency of Pantai Hospital. That was about 4 in the morning. But I was so high on whiskey that I was giggling all the way there and laughing so loud that patients probably thought I was a mental patient having a relapse. I asked for the doctor but he was walking away so I yelled at him even louder and he came to me and said "Girl, I have a patient upstairs who is having a heart attack. So I think he needs me more than you do right now. So if it's okay with you, I'll go up for a while and I'll come back down to see you shortly, okay?". I nodded my head. I may be drunk, but I'm still nice. When the doc came back, I insisted that the doctor put my foot in a cast (because I wanted friends to sign on it) which he said it was not required but I insisted so loudly that we finally compromised and he let me leave in a pair of crutches (which I still have).

Or the time I had a thing for this guy and we were chatting at my poolside till 3am. When I finally went up, my mum thought I was asleep in my room so she locked the door and I could not get in. I didn't bring money with me, thinking it's just going to be a chat at the pool. So I had to call Marsupial who lived 5 mins away, woke him up and told him I was on the way in a cab and that he had to come down to pay for the cab fare and that I was crahsing at his place for the night.

Or the time when Fruitcake and I were in Stringfellows in London and we were looking in awe at the male stripper. I was particularly shocked by his 'package' and asked my then boyfriend if he thought it was real to which he replied "Why don't you go find out?" I then started jumping up and down in front of the stripper and started waving my hands. He took one of my hands and pulled me up onto the stage. I started dancing with him and i ran my fingers down his chest, then to his abs (boy, did he have ABS!) and then lower and grabbed his 'package'. I then turned to my then ex and Fruitcake who were on the floor below me, nodded my head and mouthed "OMG! It's real!". The stripper retaliated by coming at me from the back, held on to my waist and fliipped me up and around. Twice. I did a full cart wheel without even me moving myself. When I got back down to the floor, Fruitcake whispered in my ear "I'm glad you decide to wear underwear tonight". Till this day, I'm wondering how a guy who's almost one foot shorter than me, is able to flip me that way.

Anyway, what else is there ....? Lots more stories.

But Fruitcake was there during many of the crazy events so even if she was going to bring up the stories, they'll probably be more inciminating for her because in reality, she's the nutty one. Nuttier than me though she'll argue on that one but sometimes she's in denial.

If only I was blogging then. There'll be so many more stories because my life was so much wilder then. Our one year in London alone will be enough to publish a book on 'Crazy Things We've Done'.

I'll proudly relate the stories to friends just after they happen because most of the time, it's really funny and it makes for good story telling.

So I'm thinking, apart from the reason above, maybe all the while I was preparing for my wedding. Better to tell the stories and have everyone be entertained for many occasions and for many years rather than to be embarassed on my wedding day?

Then again, Fruitcake says I can't be embarrassed.

I think I can. I just can't think of any embarrassing events at this point.

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