Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Hunt For Glycerin

Audrey gave me a Gazillion Bubble Making Machine last Christmas because she knew how much I love bubbles. And because my nic is Bubbles, obviously.

And this gift is perfect because I've always wanted to have bubbles floating around at my wedding.

Paul and i took the machine out to test that it's still working.

It was and it was lovely!

The Gazillion Bubble solution had run out so we tried out a mixture of dish washing liquid and washing detergent. But the bubbles were inconsistent and didn't last very long. So we added some shampoo to the mix. But that didn't help much either.

How come when I used dish washing liquid when I was a kid, it worked so well?

Anyway i Googled "How to make strong soap bubbles" and many sites told me to add glycerin to the mix.

So I went to a Caring Pharmacy because the pharmacists at Guardian and Watson are either off duty or have no idea what I'm talking about. Anyway Caring is more of a pharmacy pharmacy and the other 2 is more of a jumble of medicine, health, beauty and toys.

I walked in and spoke to the very friendly and knowledgeable pharmacist and asked for gycerin.

He walked away from his counter, to the aisles and started looking for a bottle of glycerin. He walked up and down and looked all over. While waiting for him to produce the bottle, I made small talk, "What's glycerin usually used for?".

He stopped looking for the glycerin and looked at me and asked "What are YOU using it for?"

"Errrr ... soap bubbles".

"Mmmmm ...."


"You're the second person asking for glycerin today. You're not all trying to make a bomb are you?"

"Huh? Glycerin can be used in bomb"

He smiles now. "No"

He cracks me up! Anyway he gave me the pharmacy's number and asked me to call again in a few days to check if their stocks of glycerin has arrived.

But by then I was fed up with the search for glycerin so I went to Toys R Us and paid RM16.95 for a big bottle of the bubble solution instead.


Suzanne said...

Glycerin is used for sore throat. But yeah, specialised bubble solution is the best. I love my bubbles a lot too. There is just something about it.

And don't forget to buy extra, they use up really fast! No one can have too much bubbles. ^.^

Bubbles said...

So you just mix dish washing liquid with some glycerin?

I don't have time to go buy glycerin and try out the different mixs before the wedding.

But lemme know and I'll be sure to try it once I've more time.

I agree! No one can have too much bubbles.

I love it!

Suzanne said...

Nah... I didn't really try it out with Glycerin.

I think it would be faster to go buy a gallon or so from the shop than to ensure that we get the bubble mix correct. :P

Bubbles said...

Hahaha. Yup i bought a couple of litres so that the bubbles will never run out at the wedding. :)

I'm curious about glycerin tho. Will try it out on the bubbles mix when I have time next.