Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Different Guest List

So much can change in people's lives in a mere few months.

When the wedding date was set near the start of the year, I sat down and drew out the guest list.

I'm now going through the guest list again to confirm who's coming and who's not, and for which wedding.

I've had to make some changes to the original guest list because:

- one aunt has passed away
- one uncle has been diagnosed with an illness
- one friend has separated from her husband
- one friend is divorced from his wife
- one friend who's been trying to break up with his clingy girlfriend for the longest time, is still with her.

But then again:

- one friend is going out with this guy and there's talk of marriage
- one friend was transferred to Jakarta along with his family with an excellent package
- two friends who broke up are now together again
- one friend will be receiving his twins into the world (on 18 Oct!). Congrats John!
- I've reconnected to so many old friends in the process of inviting mutual friends to the wedding.

And since it's past midnight, it's 18 days to my wedding!

So much can happen in just a few months.

Wishing you all good things till year end and beyond.

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