Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving In Rituals

We're finally moved in. Good and proper. But before that there were some 'moving in' rituals we were asked to perform by Paul's parents. I've not heard of them before but we were asked to perform them, we didn't see any harm with it and I thought it was cute.

First, they checked our birth dates and we were told the most auspicious moving in date.

Then, on the night before, we brought in 8 birds in a cage and left them over night in the new house. They are supposed to absorb all the bad 'chi' in the house.

Where did we get the birds? Apparently there are shops which sells them because this ritual is a very common one!

I asked if i could keep a bird or two as a pet. I was told no.

And the next day, at the auspicious time, we boiled water on a traditional stove at the entrance of the home till it boiled over. Supposed to symbolize abundance and our 'cup splilleth over'.

Then we released the birds from the cages. And with them, all the bad chi are removed from the house.

Apparently this is a Cantonese ritual when you move in.

Wendy and Hosanna told me about another ritual. To sprinkle a combination of salt, rice and something else ..... was it pepper? Or some kind of spice? I don't remember. But the combination is to be sprinkled in all corners of the new house.

Know of any other weird moving in rituals?


Ally said...

I have not heard about the birds in the cage thing. But the boiling water on the stove is pretty common. We did that too when we were moving in :)

Bubbles said...

Did you boil the water on the stove ie the hob in the kitchen or the old fashioned clay stove??

Fieran said...

In Indian culture you boil milk. You also eat vegetarian food for the first day, I think. Oooh, and I know if you have access to a Cow (yes, the one that goes Moo), you should bring it into your house garden or something. Just for luck.

Bubbles said...

Does the milk need to boil over to? I'd love a cow coming over for a visit! What if u live in an apartment?

Zoe said...

Another thing is to on all your lights and fans overnight to show 'human' move in the house. :P

Bubbles said...

Yay! I did the light thing. Not the fan thing tho but guys birds, water and lights would be sufficient!

Suzanne said...

We did the rice, salt and whatever sprinkling thing. It was done at night, with all the lights switched on. And you must not say anything, especially calling out someone's name.

I can't remember whether the things we all swept up the same night or another day.

Bubbles said...

Hi Suzanne,

Is the significance of the ritual to scare away ghosts?..... since u are not allowed to call out names?