Sunday, September 21, 2008

Probably Gold Coast

In the past few years, I've traveled a fair bit out of the country. I've been to Bali, Bintan, Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Jakarta, Krabi, Phuket and Singapore.

But these are all in South East Asia and I didn't realize how much fares out of the region costs these days.

Since we've confirmed Gold Coast as our honeymoon destination, I've informed the travel agent and am now waiting for the final cost. While waiting, I checked our Air Asia flights from KL to Brisbane and they're RM5,000 for 2 people. I thought that was rather high for Air Asia. The price has not factored in the baggage costs and don't even talk about the XL seats which cost twice as much.

So just for a basis of comparison, I checked out fares on Malaysia Airlines from KL to Brisbane. The cost is RM3,941. Per person! Ouch.

So Air Asia is cheap after all, comparatively.

I checked out a few other destinations on MH. We originally wanted to go to Maldives, right? Flight there is very reasonable indeed. RM2,000 per person. But Paul has been there before and as much as we like the beach, i think 10 days of the beach would be a bit too much.

So just for fun, I checked out some Europe destinations we were considering.

To London, RM5,500. I remember flying off to uni in London for RM2,800. Sigh.

To Rome, RM4,500.

And Air Mauritius flies from KL to Mauritius for USD2,800. That's RM9,200!

So Gold Coast seems like the most viable option, in terms of cost and variety of entertainment.

Oh, we've taken Melbourne out of the plan (sorry Mirabella!I would love to have been able to meet u) cos Air Asia has not started their KL - Melbourne route yet and it's too much hassle and money to fly in to Gold Coast via Air Asia, then fly via Virgin Blue in-bound to and fro Gold Coast & Melbourne, then out from Gold Coast again.

Paul and I have till Monday to change our minds about Gold Coast.

Can't seem to think of many other places which doesn't cost too much, is not in Asia and yet will keep us entertained throughout the honeymoon.


Zoe said...

I think if you take SIA should be much cheaper. But of course you need to find ways to go S'pore 1st.

Bubbles said...

Yeah u r right. It is cheaper. But like u said, gotta get to S'pore first. And can u imagine, after the honeymoon where we're happy and tired, gotta get our asses from Spore back to KL again. Too much hassle.

Mirebella said...

Damn! Thats a shame. Well, whose to say that there wont be a 2nd honeymoon hey ;)

GC is close enough to Brissy (around 1 hr)and you can always hire a car and head around and about!

Tix prices are absolutely atrocious - that its shocking. I dont even want to think how much its going to cost when its my turn to plan ..sigh.

Bubbles said...

Yes, atrocious indeed! But u'd prop get cheaper flights flying out of Oz, no?

Air Asia starts their KL - Melb route in mid Nov! Just a few weeks after I'm due to leave.

Oh well, can always make another trip, just to cover Melb. Will def buzz u then Mirebella!