Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm High. 21 Days More Of Practise Required.

After a day of running errands for my mum, going for a wedding gown fitting, having a final meeting with the wedding venue manager, having dinner and grocery shopping, we came back home 12 hours later.

I replied my emails, checked out Facebook, did some house work and plonked myself in front of the TV and flipped channels while surfing the net.

The Love Parade was on Channel V.

I watched for a while and the DJ started playing Fat Boy Slim and Prodigy. My feet started tapping the floor while my fingers continued to tap on the key board.

I felt like dancing but I had this pile of laundry to fold. So I got up, picked up a dress and folded it while jumping up and down and dancing to the music.

The music started getting hotter, as did my body temperature (plus the clothes just came out of the dryer).

Popped open a bottle of ice cold Hoegarden, drunk it and continued dancing.

Paul who's ironing his clothes and my mum who's baking a cake (yes, at midnight because it's a new found skill of hers after living in the Middle East) are totally engrossed in their tasks and are ignoring me which is great cos i can jump higher and act like I'm on speed.

After a while, I had to sit down. Yes it's hot but my head felt light too.

Then I realize it's the beer! But I only had a quarter of a bottle!

This is what happens once you stop drinking regularly.

Which is great under normal circumstances cos you could go out and get high on 3 drinks compared to having a whole bottle to yourself before you jump around like a monkey without caring and loving every minute of it.

But it's horrible when the wedding is only 3 weeks away!

I so need to practice my drinking skills!

A bride so cannot get drunk at her own wedding!

I have 21 days of alcohol induced nights planned out.

Ah I know! I can break open the wedding alcohol!

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