Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Naked Teoh's Need to be Naked

I have a friend who loves being naked. He'd be naked 24 hours a day, where ever he is, if doing so does not warrant an arrest.

In fact, Fruitcake and I met him for the first time a few years ago at Oktoberfest in 1 Utama. Psychotic Raj said he'll bringing a friend. We got there a little late and missed the RM1 beers.

Raj introduced his friend Teoh who quickly proceeded to tell Fruicake and I about his need to be naked. Totally naked. All the time.

He even divulged that if he needs to take a dump, even if it's in a very dirty mamak, he'll take off all his clothes. Including his chain, watch and shoes!

Fruitcake and I shrieked in horror! Shoes too? But ... but ... mamaks usually have filthy toilets!

"That's why I have very strong toes", said Teoh with a smug look on his face.

Too much information? Well can u imagine what Fruitcake and I were feeling? Here's this guy we met for barely 2 minutes and there he was telling us about his nakedness and shitting habits.

Despite the disgusting stories, Naked Teoh was so animated and entertaining that he was cracking us up throughout the entire drinking session. At least he was funny.

There are other stories about Naked Teoh including him wanting to leave me in Fruitcake's house without a ride home because he could not stand to be in clothes for so long and wanted to go home and strip. Or the time he actally stripped down to his underwear and contemplated taking that off too at Fruitcake's house after a night of clubbing. Or the othet time when he offered to strip on behalf of a guy who lost at Strip Poker.

Ah so many stories but I'll save that for another time.

As testament to Naked Teoh's need to be naked, especially when in the great outdoors, check out his blog:


Check out the last pic there.


The Godfather said...

sometimes i am lost for words when people ask me about my younger brother :P
he does have a colourful life though.
my mom used to read him 'The Emperor's New Clothes' every night, when he was a growing kid. maybe that explains his need to bare it all...


Bubbles said...

Then u do proclaim u two are related. Hahaha!

The book .... explains a lot.

What did ur mum read to u before bed?