Friday, September 12, 2008

Space Saving Plastic Bag Triangles

Fruitcake has been coming over a few times a week to help me unpack and organize the house. And she has this really neat trick to organize plastic bags. Ikea has a plastic bag holder which most of us have right? But most of us just stuff the plastic bags inside. Fruitcake flattens and folds the bags into triangles which saves up about half the space used in the holder. Here's how:

Flatten the plastic bag like so.

Fold it into half horizontally.

Then fold horizontally again.

At one corner of the long rectangle, turn up one corner to form a triangle.

Continue folding the triangle over and over till you come to the end of the plastic bag.

When you have one fold left, tuck the remaining plastic int the triangle.

And there you have it.

It works with all sizes of bags!

Happy plastic bag folding and may this small folding action save you same space in your home.

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