Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our First Wedding Present

We received our first wedding present today!

It was dropped off at Paul's family home and he went back to collect it after work today.

It is a lovely beige and crimson lamp!

It's so exciting!

In a time and culture where ang pows are more common because it's tradition and also because it's more practical for the giver and receiver, it's a real nice surprise to receive a gift.

That being said, my wedding website requests for ang pows instead of presents. It truly is more practical that way because weddings cost a fortune these days and we do need to recover the cost as much as possible. And cash will also help our honeymoon fund. Not to mention, if the person doens't know us or our tastes well enough or does not put enough effort into the gift buying, it would be a waste if they spent a fortune buying the gift but we end up hating it.

Still, it was a pleasant surprise to receive the gift and the card too.

Though I must say it is a little odd seeing it addressed to 'Mr & Mrs Wong'.

I'm still not used to the Mrs title yet.

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