Monday, September 29, 2008

Please respondez sil vous plait

Now that the wedding is a mere 19 days away, it's time to confirm the guest lists.

It's typical not to RSVP till the very last minute or only after you've been chased for it. So chasing is what I've been doing for the past few days.

I've still a lot of guests unconfirmed for the Chinese and JB wedding.

But the English wedding is almost full! I factored in a 30% non attendance rate which has worked well for me for all my past events, be it a birthday, Halloween, house warming party etc. This formula also works for the Chinese and JB wedding.

But because the Fairy wedding is small and for very close friends only, most are able to attend. The unique and magical theme could have had a part to play in high attendance rate too!

So I have limited spaces left and the venue may not be able to accommodate everyone ! But the RSVP date is in 2 days time and for those who have not RSVPed by then and if the remaining spaces are taken up, I'm going to close the RSVPs. Gotta be brutal.

Weddings are such brutal affairs sometimes but I figured if you're a close friend and u truly want to be there to celebrate the day with me, you'd RSVP early anyway.

Some friends say that they are not going to RSVP because they're such good friends and ask how can I ask if they are coming or not. Apparently I should just assume that they are. So it becomes a delicate affair of finding the balance of how close certain friendships are.

So what does it mean when someone does not RSVP? That they are so close that they don't have to RSVP? Or that they are not close enough so they are not bothered to RSVP till the very last minute? Hahaha!

So thanks for those who responded right away and for those who haven't..... u have 2 days!

The entrance to the Secret Garden of the Fairies isn't going to be kept open forever!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I totally believe people should RSVP by due date.
Yours is the first thematic wedding I've heard of and I am pretty intrigued and interested. I'm going to get married next year and can't decide yet how my wedding will be. It's probably going to be limited by budget constraints though.

Bubbles said...

Hi Anon!

Congratulation to you! When is your big day?

What is your budget? Where is it going to be? How many people are you planning to invite?

What are your mandatories and what are the nice-to-haves?

Most people have budget constraints. And everyone should have a budget in their head when they start to plan a wedding. If not, the wedding plans can seriously go crazy and the last thing you want is to start a life together in debt.

Give me more info and maybe I can offer some suggestions. :)

The Godfather said...

your fairy wedding event sounds so enchanting i also wanna be there lah. i don't even mind just standing by the entrance holding a bag of mcvalue meal, in case i get hungry and observing.
cheers and stay kuat... 3 weddings to manage ain't an easy feat!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer of suggestions.
Surfing about weddings was actually how I chanced upon your blog!
But I won't waste your time - haven't discussed budget with fiance yet, due to r/ship being a long-distance one at the moment. I might come knocking again when there's more to go on. :)

Bubbles said...


U r welcome to come, and even witness the entire wedding, from the bridal march, to the blessing ceremony, to vows, to ring exchange, to photos, to dinner, to the toast, to the performances, to the dancing on tables! Hahaha!

Wanna fly across the continent? ;)

Bubbles said...

Hi Anon.

Where are u and where's ur fiance?

Know that it really does take one year or more to plan a wedding. Hahaha!

So it's really never too early to start looking at options :)

Yeah do buzz me any time if u need any info.

The Godfather said...

i would love to fly across the continent to witness your extravaganza events... but i just flew back from across the continent yesterday... hkg

guess i will just have to see them thru the pictures you post!


Bubbles said...

Yes, that you can. Hope to be able to post them up before we fly off for our honeymoon.

Will give u a buzz when I'm headed your way then. :)