Sunday, November 26, 2006

101 East

Dunhill 101 East party at KL Convention Centre. The night started off a bit slow with a few fashion shows by Zang Toi but then the music started and they started serving whiskey so I was a happy bunny for a while. There weren’t enough ash trays (and this being a smokers event). And I found it very difficult to meet new ppl and to shake their hands or give out cards when u are standing with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other. Not to mention the women have handbags to hold on to too.

The saving grace for the event is the amount of good looking ppl there. Honestly and u can’t deny it, the national average for good looking ppl is pretty low esp when it comes to men. That’s why women here have to settle …. Okay that’s a whole diff story which I’ll write about next time. Anyway the national average of a guy is a 4 out of 10. Women is higher but its also cos they have the advantage of make up when they are out in public. But at this event, everyone was an average of 7 and above and I’m excluding the models. I’m convinced BAT screens the guests list before inviting ppl to such events. But I’m also sure that lighting, everyone being dressed up and the alcohol had a lot to do with it too. How many events do u get the see every single guy in a suit. This was one of it. Pity our weather isn’t conducive enough but if a guy is tall and is of medium built at least, a well cut suit will make him look fantabulous.

The door gifts were impressive - Bulgary perfume. And we're not talking vials.

Ended up staying past mightnight after which it was off to Mojo and Ivy after.

Met a guy tonight at the party. We were chatting n drinking when he says “I gotta be honest with u. I have a girlfriend. That’s why I’m acting all weird”. And thereafter proceeds to hit on me. I dun gettit. Does he feel guilty that he wants to hit on me but is attached? And that stating it upfront then hitting on me make it more acceptable. To his own conscience?

Whatever. Brain too tired to analyze. Time for bed.


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