Monday, November 20, 2006

Casino Royale vs Happy Feet

Watched the midnight movie (midnight movie being 0045 at Cineleisure so had to struggle to keep motivations up to watch it) of Casino Royale on Fri w/ Nic. Had lotsa action but didn't follow the usual Bond formula. Not enough cool gadgets. Daniel Craig wasn't suave enough and despite having a great upper body, there wasn't much to look at chest down. And my main gripe, there was too much love and not enough sex. Apparently this Bond movie is to show how Bond got to be the way he is, due to his heart being broken. But that didn't come across either. But overall, it was a fun to watch movie.

And yesterday, went to watch Happy Feet w/ Michelle, Sin Cyn n Pete. That was very entertaining, cute, heart warming, happy and sing a long kinda show. Brought Popo and Nithi Jr and they were dancing along to the music.

Heard on radio on the way to work today that Happy Feet overtook Casino Royale as they opened on the same week. Hahaha!

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