Friday, November 17, 2006

Jaded with clubbing

Noticed that I've not been clubbing as much anymore. My Wed Mambo, Thurs Ghetto, Fri AHR, Sat Velvet routine has been dropped completely.

Been to quite a few other parties too. More recently
- the Smirnoff Black Casino Royale party @ Cynna last week
- the Jaeger la Coultre dinner & Carcosa on Thurs
- the Nokia L'Amour launch @ Maison last night

Was nice to meet new ppl and do the network thing but it wasn't outright fun. Maybe its just me. I'm all clubbed out.

It's Friday. No clubbing plans but going to watch Casino Royale at midnight. Some sponsored thing.

Tomorrow is Baby Boy's b'day at Bubbles. New club. Not been there. But its got the same name as me!

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