Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Don't look under a girl's skirt

Thurs 9 Nov 2006

Don't look under a girl's skirt. U never know what u may find.

Went for the Smirnoff Black Casino Royale party @ Cynna. Unfortunately there were no James lookalikes and Audrey & I were the only handful who dressed up. Nik was in a suit. There was no happening music, explosions nor cool gadgets either.

We were given 4 chips where 3 chips gets u only 1 martini. So rather than gamble the chips away and risk not having drinks at all, we exchanged our chips for a drink each.

Saw Johan as i always do at these parties. He stole my gun!

We were rather bored so we had our own lil party in a corner.

Then we got bored w/ that and joined Lola & Butterfly Dawn @ Vintry.

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