Sunday, November 05, 2006

Another Saatchi Piss Up Party

Fri 3 Nov 2006

Today was the inaugural Saatchi Creative Showcase where everyone in the agency gathers together to review the best creative work done for that month and to reward those who went above and beyond the call of duty. Simply put, its a reason for everyone to get drunk.

We had about 1 dozen bottles of wines and at least 3 each of whiskey, vodka, tequila bottles at the bar. And more food that 70+ ppl could consume.

Somehow water gets flung around at Saatchi parties. The sofas in La Bodega Lounge was absolutely soaking after our Christmas party there last year after Steve flung the contents of the ice bucket onto John. Thus time Gus got wet. Kekeke!

Body shots off Beryl’s cleavage was interesting too.

By 8+, most ppl couldn’t walk straight or were doing strange things like biting ppl.

Went to the opening of Rain at Modesto’s. Met several groups of friends but the place just wasn’t that happening so much so that by 9 +, ppl were leaving.

I headed to Ivy w/ the TWBA gang. Was good but as usual got extremely packed by 1am.

Checked out Bed since I didn’t go for the opening. Was a lil disappointed Everyone was so poser like. And there weren’t enough beds to justify the club’s name. And shouldn’t the waitresses be wearing nighties / pajamas? The concept is cool ut execution so salah. Sigh.

Was a pretty good and moderate night. At least I got to dance for a couple of hours.

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