Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dymanics at the Conquest of Time

Every now and then you meet new ppl whom you can click with. There’s a certain energy and flow in the conversation whether as a group or one-on-one. You can feel the dynamics of the group as each person brings something different to the table. We were all from different but interrelated industries and seem to have common goals and aspirations even tho we were at different stages of our lives now. It is indeed refreshing from meeting the same faces, doing the same things in the same places.

The night started with Nic’s invitation to the opening of Sincere Watches’ Conquest of Time exhibition at KL Convention Centre. The usual purists were there as well as the usual crowd who moves in these social circles.

We did our rounds. Looked at Omega, Corum, Piguet, Girard Perregaux, Frank Muller and more. Said hi to friends and acquaintances. Hugged. Air kissed some. Pecked some others. Nodded at others. Drank champagne.

Took us a while to complete one round of the hall. Even tho it was a small area, every 5 steps or so, one of us would meet someone we knew.

After the event, we continued the night with food at Chatterbox (??) and later at Sky Bar over a bottle of Moet. I’ve decided that I prefer Bollinger to Moet and don’t fancy Veuve all that much.

The champagne glass designs was pleasing to the eye but as with most pretty things, they aren’t always practical. We had to do some banging and teh tarik action to dislodge the strawberry from the middle of the glass.

It was a dressy but mellow night of fun and good banter. Different from the partying I'm used to but enjoyable all the same.

Eliza, Ben, Marc & Nic,

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful night and I’m looking forward to the pool party, yatch trips and beach holidays. Eliza, u know what to do ;)

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