Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Blue Bear Chair

I'm getting keys to my new place soon! Went to Ikea w/ Sin Cyn last night to get ideas on furnishing. Spotted a few pieces which would suit the place well and is value for money too. I esp like the kids furnitures tho i won't b buying them to furnish the place since it's gonna b rented out. But no harm testing. Got caught on camera testing a blue bear where u sit and it and the arms hug u. If only the made adult sized ones! It's so small, my bum was on its crotch. I also like the blow up hedgehog. No more Minnen Rattas so I'm glad i got Ashton earlier. No more Mysd Vinds either, much to my surprise. And the Klippans don't seem that appealing anymore tho they were one of the best selling sofas for a while. Sin Cyn and i were just discussing how mad it is that we know the Swedish names of the products and even know what size, colour and fabric they come in!

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