Monday, November 27, 2006

Knackered from shopping

Ow! My ass and inner thighs hurt every time I stand or sit. Shows how much the muscles are being worked just by wearing very high heels. And this is not including the jumping around.

Had coffee with Marsupial, Sweet Jas and Kevin the Random Soy (we came up with this when we could not decide if he should be called Randon Kevin or Kevin Soya Bean) at J&R at Hartamas after lunch. Marsupial paid RM13 for a Portobello mushroom (I like the sound of ‘portobello’). Sure it was quite a big shroom (is ‘shroom’ short for ‘mushroom’?) but its still quite hefty for a fungus.

Sent Zach for a bath when I bumped into my mum there. That was about 4pm. It’s almost 12 now. I just got back. Spent the whole day shopping with her and I’m totally knackered. I’m not a shopping kinda gal and that sport, hobby or whatever some girls call it, stresses me out. But my mum was insistent that she buy me new dresses. Which is a good thing I guess since there are so many events coming up. Plus I wouldn’t usually go shopping unless there’s a dire need for a particular outfit for an occasion.

Unsure if I wanna go for the Valentino party tomorrow. If not, there are loads more to come. It’s year end. Parties abound!

I better go sleep. Long week ahead. But the Man U Chelsea match is happening right now! Think I’ll watch till half time and read Patrick’s live running commentary via sms when I wake up tomorrow.

Night all! And here’s to a great week ahead!

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