Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kancils 2006

Fri 24 Nov 2006

Dawn, Bubs, Tze Wee, Lola & Audrey at Cafe Flam before the flowing of drinks.
Sai Kit & Nicky after the flowing of drinks. Still at Cafe Flam.
Finally at the Kancils. Michelle and i smoking outside and peering into the hall in case we win and need to run in.
With Audrey in the hall. She's a bit cranky from being drunk, passedout and awoken.
Champagne is flowing. Sin Cyn is happy. Audrey is deciding on her next move.
Michelle not too impressed with Joel's moves
Kancil Awards 2006. The usual. Meet ppl in the industry, very often ex colleagues, exchange cards and hugs. The flowing of alcohol, the breaking of a few glasses, small food fights and scandals here n there. At my first Kancils, I sat at the table looking at everyone and knowing almost no one except from those from my agency. As I moved on, as did everyone else, and as the number of Kancils attended grew, the event was more about networking and catching up with ex colleagues not seen since the last agency or since the last Kancils. Realized that only those in agencies who are winning lotsa awards remain in the hall to cheer and go on stage. Others go outside to smoke or to chat. At my first agency, we were pretty small and neither did we win that many awards. Sitting there looking at the other agencies clanging the plates and jumping on the chairs, I told myself I wanna experience what they are feeling. And at this Kancils, I did. Go Saatchi! The feeling of being in a winning agency and to be in an agency you’re proud of being associated with is a high in itself. Of course the endless bottles of Moet aided in the sense of euphoria. The way the Saatchi tables were drinking, u’d think we were celebrating Agency of the Year even at the onset of the apetizers. But in the end we didn’t win the title but we did come up Top 3. Next year they tell me. And I shall be waiting.


dreamer said...

Go Saatchi! Next year will be even better :)

Bubbles said...

Saatchi is the best! :)