Sunday, November 19, 2006

Adult Playground

Yesterday, I went rock climbing. This time I managed to scale a higher wall and actually followed the colours. Did a wall with 5b grading. One of the easiest but it was after all my second time. Was huffing and puffing and my shoulders and arms really aches right now.

Figured why I still go to Camp 5 despite me not liking climbing that much nor wanting to pursue it seriously nor as a leisurely pastime. It’s cos of the environment of the place! It’s like an adults play ground. There are multi coloured stones on the very high walls with hanging ropes. There’s a huge mattress about 1 feet thick round the small climbing boulders. So I climbed a bit but the bit I enjoyed most was climbing the small boulders and jumping down onto the mattresses from about 8 feet up. And tumbling and jumping and doing flips.

Next time I go, I wont bother with the rental of the harness since all I need are the shoes to climb and jump about in.

After dinner, we all headed home. Went into the lift and saw an interesting ambient advertising from Hotlink for the Friends Unlimited campaign. Altho I understand the msg and think it’s a creative idea, being in a lift 'alone' with about 20 'ppl' staring at you is actually quite scary!

I got off at the next floor and walked used the stairwell instead.

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