Sunday, November 05, 2006

My 1st Rock Climbing Experience

4 November 2006

After sending Zach for his very first service, I headed to 1U. Whenever I get the chance, and when the guy from Zoo Negara is there, I buy fish food (RM2 per pack and proceeds go to the zoo) and feed the fish there. They look like carps but carps are expensive and there are hundreds there so I’m not sure if they really are carps.

And after several invitations from Ewan and turning him down just as many time, I finally went rock climbing at Camp 5. That’s supposed to be the best climbing place in KL right now. At first it was extremely scary and intimidating being faced with 3 storey high walls. Watching climbers at the top by tilting your head backwards for a few minutes gives you a neck ache. However, after a climb or 2, I found it intriguing. I didn’t follow the same coloured holds of course but I was my first time and I managed to reach the top of some of the walls using every and any colour. It’s such a mental thing where its you against you and pushing yourself that lil bit more every single time. Not a sport for those w/ a fear of heights esp since all that’s holding u up is a rope. Just need to cut my nails a lot shorter next time. I’m surely gonna ache tomorrow. And prob dream about multi coloured holds on walls.


calvin said...

those fishes are probably carps, the expensive ones are kois - or am i mistaken? hmm..

Bubbles said...

Don't know. Thought that 'koi' is the Jap name and 'carp' is the English name?