Tuesday, January 22, 2008

3 weddings?

It’s not fun anymore! There was one week of fun and excitement but very quickly it’s hit a stressful level.

Paul’s parents still want the 17 tables. So once we add tables for my parents’ and our friends, the total amount of guests would mean we would need to hold the wedding in a hotel which is really the last thing we want.

In Asia, a wedding is always about the parents and the relatives of the bride and groom. I didn’t realize this but Jon Dive Master said that traditionally, a Chinese wedding is hosted by the groom’s parents and they are the one who invites the guests, not the bride or groom.

That sucks and we really don’t want a wedding where we don’t know 3 quarters of the guests.

Why must a Asian wedding be about having face and showing off?

Amelia once said that when planning a wedding, your in-laws will become your out-laws. That’s truly coming to pass in my case though I’m trying my best not to let it happen. I’m trying to ensure that everyone is happy but that’s proving to be extremely difficult especially since no party wants to compromise.

I can understand why Fruitcake and others have decided to just sign the official papers but not have any wedding at all. How nice if we could just sign the papers and either go get married in Bali or run away and go directly for our honeymoon without the wedding.

My solution so far is to have a few weddings. Paul’s parent can host one. My dad will host one. And my mum and I will host one. Yes, that’s a total of 3 weddings. Its madness, I know, but I don’t want anyone to be unhappy, lose face or feel like they are losing out. It’s a wedding! It’s a celebration and everyone should be happy!

Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday. Our day is choc-a-block. We have meetings with a photographer, a wedding planner, another wedding planner, a bridal shop and the Carcosa Seri Negara.

Not to mention Saatchi is going to Krabi on Thursday so I’ve even more planning and coordination to do to add to my stress levels.

Sigh. Pray for my sanity.


The Mama said...

our little wedding at home was headache enough for me. I hate hotel weddings and I hate the idea of walking down the aisle (walking down the staircase of our home was bad enuf for me). I think your friend, Fruitcake, got it so totally right -- just sign the bloody papers and run away to a tropical island -- who needs the stress?

The Godfather said...

I think a gargantum wedding in an area where 20,000 people can fit would be great. I kinda enjoyed mine as it was like a mass gathering of friends and relatives, although I did not know probably 30% of the people there, but it's about the 70% of the people I know. I may not have time sit donw and have a good chat or catching up session with them, but it was good to know that they are alive, well and there...

Bubbles said...

I want something small. At the beach. During sunset. With a max of 20 people. Say our vows, scatter a few flowers and start drinking champagne. Now that, is my dream wedding.

The Godfather said...

my girlfriend had a garden wedding in Langkawi, you would have liked that... check out the pictures


Bubbles said...

The pics look fun! Yup. Small intimate garden weddings in natural settings is what I'm looking for.