Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey

Okay besides shopping in Singapore, there’s also the eating.

I still maintain that Malaysian street food will beat Singapore hands down, especially since Scott’s has been torn down along with the food court which means no more beef ball noodles! Anyone knows where else I can find similar beef ball noodles in Singapore or KL? The one in Tung Shin and Silang and just completely different.

While Mohamad Sultan is dead and Clarke Quay is getting a revival, one of the newest places to be is Dempsey. Once the old army barracks, it’s been converted to chic eateries. Singapore is fantastic at maintaining historical buildings and turning them into trendy places. There’s a Dome there along with other stand alone F&B outlets. Paul’s cousin brought us to Jones’ The Grocer for Christmas Brunch.

The food was nothing to shout about but the décor and ambiance was excellent.

I’ll go back there again and pay S$20 for breakfast (excluding the coffee) just cos I like the place so much. It has so much character.

Friends tell me that PS Café is still really good though I didn’t have time to go this time round.

There are only a handful of F&B outlets in KL which can be described as chic, quaint or full of character. Now why is that?

Why can’t Malaysia appreciate our history, maintain and restore more historical sites and buildings?

Big and nice as Pavilion Shopping Mall is and as much as I like the huge Timnes Bookstore within it, I still think it’s wrong to tear down the Bukit Bintang Girls School to erect yet another mall.


The Mama said...

eh...maybe malaysia can start small n clean up their roads and fill up the pot holes first b4 even thinking about renovating n maintaining old buildings??

Bubbles said...

Small? That is a project which will take the government 20 years and even then they'll manage to fill only half the potholes. Because every time then re-tar one road, 3 months later, they dig it up and the process starts all over again!

At least with restoring and maintaining old buildings, they will take a couple of years. Or better still .... rent it to a private company to restore and rent out to other companies. Believe that that's what happened with Dempsey .... it's just that the 'private owner' has links to the government. Nevertheless, they have done a great job out of it. Restored and enjoyed by the public. That should be the way.