Monday, January 07, 2008

Quality Over Quantity

Last night, I had a filling but fulfilling dinner. Paul and I had a late lunch after waking up feeling tired after the party from Saturday night. So we met Marsupial & Jas and went to Flagz (we wanted to go to Fogal’s meat market but a power cut rendered us bacon-less) for BLT, fried noodles and a bacon & sausage platter. Oh and a Guinness too.

Then we hung out with Ashley at Starbucks at Borders, the Curve. This is supposed to be a ritual of ours, according to Ashley.

After coffee, it was dinner time but I wasn’t too hungry so I made some instant udon noodles. Then went to bed to read but something was missing and I couldn’t figure what it was. I continued reading but felt this emptiness within me. So I got up and opened a pack of Swiss chocolates and ate in bed while I read.

And the moment I put the chocolate into my mouth, my body instantly released endorphins and I suddenly felt so comfortable and lovable and the reading in bed experience was heightened. It was a small but amazing experience. And only really good chocolates is able to deliver that kind of emotion. I forgot how good it could be.

I kinda stopped eating chocolates on a regular basis. But I can’t remember why. It’s definitely nothing to do with putting on weight because a good chocolate is worth a few pounds. It probably happened after I got back from the UK and found the chocolates here to be crap, even some of those which are imported. So I stopped binging on Cadbury, M&Ms, Kit Kat and the likes. And only ate one or two pieces of Pachi and Godiva when the opportunity presented itself.

Seems like the older I get, I definitely prefer quality over quality.

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