Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Isabelle Halle Ng

Happy 1st Birthday Isabelle Halle Ng!

And just like that, my god daughter is one year old, one year has passed and we’re all growing a little older.

Fruitcake and Ed held the Belle’s first birthday party at My Dining Room at their condo on Tropicana.

Lots of relatives came. And lots of our friends came with their babies.

Of all my clubbing friends, most are married and with kids. And they all agree that while they are parents now, the days of clubbing are still dear to their hearts though that doesn’t necessarily feel like they want to go clubbing every weekend like before.

Guess I’m moving onto a new phase of life. I’m no longer scared of babies! I can even carry them for long periods of time and not feel scared or disgusted or be fearful that they puke or spit on me.

So here are some pics of babies which I’m not freaking out about and even do consider cute.

Friends tell me that they caught me in a maternal moment. Is that possible? It’s me! Well, I guess I’m warming up to babies and the idea of babies.

Ed & Belle.

Fruitcake & Belle.

Chris & Ayden. Chris our dear DJ from Viva has a 1 year old son! And looks like he likes it rough.

Sue Ann & Kay Lee. Look at the cheeks on her!

My little god daughter.

Friends & Babies.

Babies really do like paper and boxes more than the actual present. So does this mean that we should give out boxes to babies till they are at least 3 years old? Or buy a toy meant for a 3 year old baby for a 1 year old baby and let them play with the box first. They'll appreciate the toy when they grow older.

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