Friday, January 11, 2008

January 2008 is a Fantastic Month

January 2008 is and will continue to be a fantastic month!

We started off the year with the first day of the month being a holiday.

We also had Thursday, 10th Jan as a public holidays due to Awal Muharam.

I’m going to Bali tomorrow for 6 days, coming back on a Thursday 17th Jan but will still be on leave on Friday so I’ll have 3 days, including the weekend to recuperate.

I’m back to work on Monday 22nd Jan but I’m only working 2 days because Wednesday 23rd is another holiday! Thaipusam!

Then from Friday, 25th Jan till Sunday 27th Jan is the company trip to Krabi. But as I’m in the planning committee, I’m going a day earlier for the set up! That’s 4 days in Krabi!

Coming back from Krabi, I’m going to work 3 days and the month of January will be over.

So all in all, I’m only working 10 days in this month. Is that fantastic or what?! Whee!

It’s a good month indeed.

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