Monday, January 07, 2008

What To Do When There's Not Much Alcohol At A Wedding?

Congratulations May Leen! She was the planner in Saatchi but has quit to get married and move to London with her new hubby. Isn’t that such a dream come true for some?

The wedding was held in Renaissance Hotel and there were 60 over tables.

A few people on the Saatchi tables didn’t show so we had a lot of food. Unfortunately both Salt Boy and Paul were not themselves and didn’t eat for 3 people per person as per what is the norm.

There was also no alcohol except for wine. So when we can’t get high at a wedding and do silly things, we had to make our own entertainment. Here are examples on how.

But non-alcoholic silliness isn’t as fun so Paul and I went to meet Fruitcake & Ed at this happening new club called Pulse at the New Millennium Hotel (formerly known as Regent Hotel). There was a live band which was excellent playing R&B music. The crowd was expat and slightly older. And since I’m not ‘slightly older’, I can appreciate places where there are no teeny boppers or college kids. Unfortunately I was wearing my killer-fabulous-looking-but-killer painful 5 inch heels so I couldn’t dance as much as I would have liked except the times when I kicked it off and didn’t care anymore.

The place is happening! And it has class too. I know this because the elevator only goes to one floor.

It was good hanging out with my partner in crime again. Fruitcake, I miss u!

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