Thursday, January 31, 2008


From 100 guests to 340 guests to 200 guests. We just could not agree on how many guests to invite and who to leave out without offending some people.

But we have reached a compromise. We will indeed have 3 weddings. The only difference is that this time everyone is agreeable to it and is even happy with the arrangement. So here’s the plan.

Friday 17th October night:

Dinner in a Chinese restaurant. I know I said I didn’t want a Chinese restaurant for the wedding but at least it will be a high end, classy Chinese restaurant and not a ching-chong one. The food will be good. We won’t have to argue on who doesn’t get invited because the place will be able to accommodate a few hundred people. And the cost won’t be RM200 per person like a hotel where the place is high end but the food will not be up to par. We’re looking for a Chinese restaurant which is able to accommodate 300 plus guests. Right now, we’ve narrowed it down to Noble House and Happy Valley. The older folks told me that among their peers, Happy Valley is THE place to have a wedding or banquet. But I’m more familiar with the Oriental Group which includes Noble House because I often have Sunday dim sum at Ming Room, also of the same Oriental Group.

Saturday 18th October morning:

The ‘chip san leong’ (picking up of the bride) will happen in the morning followed by the tea ceremony at my place. Then we’ll head to Paul’s family home before 11.30am (our auspicious hour of marriage which in the eyes of the Chinese is the ‘stepping into the house’ and tea ceremony) for the tea ceremony again. Then we’ll all have a light brunch.

Saturday 18th October afternoon:

Rest up & get ready for the evening.

Saturday 18th October evening:

Blessing ceremony and cocktails at the Garden Pavilion at Mont Kiara Damai Resort Condo. I didn’t realize how gorgeous and under utilized this area was. Its beautiful with plants surrounding a hall with high ceiling and chandeliers. With some flowers, candles and décor, this place can look totally magical. Close friends and immediate family will be invited to this cocktail.

About a month later:

The wedding dinner hosted by my dad in JB among his friends and those of my friends who’d want to travel there to have yet another wedding dinner. Oh and my friends from Singapore too.

In conclusion, while this isn’t exactly what I pictured my wedding would be like, it does make all parties fairly happy which is very important to me and seeing how we started off unable to agree on anything, the plan as it is, is almost like a dream come true. We’ve all compromised and we all got what is important to us.

Now I just need to finalize the guests list, the budget for each of the weddings and everyone involved to give their final okay. Once I’ve paid the deposits and secured the locations, I’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Then I’ll start on planning the food, alcohol, corkage, bride’s dress, groom’s suit, accessories, new shoes, photo, video, flowers, candles, décor, catering, cake, party favours, invitation card, seating, officiant, marriage license, band, DJ, sound system, friends’ performances, agenda, wedding planner, ang paus etc.


The Mama said...

wow sounds like a stressful way to get married to me.

congratulations, dear. i hope you'll be able to have a good time despite it not being what you had envisioned.

Bubbles said...

Actually, I'd be more stressed if it's a full Chinese wedding as per what the in-laws want and nothing more. So with the current arrangement, even though there's more to do, we're all happier and that's what a wedding should be about - happiness (hopefully) :)

aruri said...

Did the in-laws request for KARAOKE? Now, that's nightmare.

Bubbles said...

No! No karaoke. In fact, we told the restaurant to tell everyone that there's no karaoke facility. Kekeke! Thank goodness I'm having a cocktail reception too where a friend will be singing. But no karaoke!