Monday, January 21, 2008

And The Wedding Planning Starts!

I started out calm and happy. Then I was extremely excited and happy. I’m now stressed and happy. All within the span of the last few days. The more people I talk to, the more excited and stress I am. The big day has been set for 18 October 2008. So many people can’t believe it’s actually happening! At moments, I can’t either!

Fruitcake, my matron of honour said that pigs will fly. She’s even thinking of mocking up a pig to be flown during the wedding.

A close friends from the UK said ‘What the hell?! Anyone I know?”

18 October isn’t a lot of time considering weddings are now planned one year in advance. It’s all very scary.

I was originally looking at inviting only 100 pax. Something small, cosy and personal. But I just received word that Paul’s side wants 17 tables. That in itself is more than my original total! So looks like a lot of management to be done.

One thing’s for sure- we don’t want the wedding in a hotel or in a Chinese restaurant. We’re thinking more café or garden. Which means the total number of guests needs to be below 200.

So many friends have already all offered to help plan the wedding!

Annie Wong, owner of Annie Wong Couture is a good friend of my mum and she’s seen me grown up. She's been waiting for this day for a very long time. She’ll be sponsoring my wedding and evening gown.

Montecom Productions, whom I’ve works with for a few TVCs has offered to do the videography.

I know I want Seth from Peekaboo for my hair and As You Like It for my flowers.

So now I need to secure the venue, book the photographer, get measured for the dress, select a make up artist, try to get the sponsorship for the alcohol, shop for wedding bands, find out how to do the registry of marriage, do up the wedding invitations, do the budget, save money and so much more!

I thought I could handle it and I know I can if the wedding was for 100 people, judging from the amount of parties I’ve planned and how anal I am about them but my own wedding for a few hundred pax could be a little bit beyond my depth. I think a wedding planner is in order!


aruri said...

My friend did her registry of marriage at KL Tower, overlooking the city! You'll need to hire and get the Justice of Peace to go there, be prepared to give a bit of 'duit kopi' ya. But it's all possible.

You have ideas and resources for your invites already? Well, I make cards as a hobby, so if you'd like some samples, I'll be happy to show you, that is if you're still on a lookout.

I'm so happy for you! Have you told your mom? My mom is always asking about you, because you're one of the very few close friends that she can remember..hahhaa, old already.

Bubbles said...

I'm gonna do e-invites. RSVP will also be online. And for the older or more traditional guests, we'll print out the e-invite. Kekeke! Thanks though!

Tell your mum I said hi! I'm gonna have a wedding in JB on top of the KL one so maybe you and your mum can come for that!

aruri said...

COOL! Let me know if you need any help in JB ya.

Bubbles said...

Will do. Will contact u when I have details but it'll probably be just a sit down dinner with my dad saying a few words and all of us drinking. Hahaha!

Suwalee said...

Hey Amanda,

Been a while since I check out your blog. Congratulations! Coincidentally, I'm having my wedding reception on 18th October as well! :-)

I'm the procastinating type. To make it even more "exciting" am planning it from remote location though hence have not start with the shopping etc. boohoo

May be will get some tips from you k.

Have fun with the wedding planning.

Bubbles said...

Congrats to you too! :)

Where is this 'remote location' of yours?

I've planned events before and am totally aware of how much time is needed. Esp since this is my own wedding so I'm going to be even more pedantic about every detail. The wedding is 7 months away but I've already started planning from 2 months ago!

The main issue you'll face is doing up the guest list to ascertain how many guests you'll want to invite. Then the next issue is locating a venue which is able to accomodate your guests and suits your budget as well as the image you have in your head.

Once that's secured, the photography, make up, hair, decor, flowers, food, alcohol, AV, lighting etc will be much easier to plan.

I'll post up wedding planning info on this blog. So do check back whenever u can and do update me about your wedding plans too!

Grace said...

I remember when I first read this post, I was not even engaged yet. Now that I'm engaged and planning, I find myself coming back to these articles. I find comfort that I'm not alone in the madness of wedding planning. Wooo Saaaaaaa....