Monday, January 21, 2008

Bali 12 - 17 Jan 2008

Before the excitement and stress of the wedding overtakes me, here are some pics from our trip to Bali.

Paul and I stayed at Villa Dedaun in Legain which was simple, zen garden like villa. We had the one bedroom with a pool, a garden bathroom with a garden and high walls surrounding it. It is the most beautiful place I’ve stayed at ever. On top of that, we had breakfast and tea served by the pool side everyday, a mini bar which was replenished everyday, a butler, a foot massage and staff who knew us by name. The location was also excellent as it was hidden away from the busy roads yet is walking distance to the main Kuta town and the beach.

We surfed and got incredible sun burnt!

We then went to Ubud and explored the art heart of Bali.

Santi Mandala in Ubud was a totally different experience in itself as it had a back to nature concenpt including squawking geese, noisy frogs and a completely outdoor bathroom. I shall let the pic speak for themselves.


The Mama said...

we were in ubud in '04 for a friend's wedding and had an outdoor bathroom as well -- oh i just loved it!

Bubbles said...

Outdoor bathrooms are romantic and exciting too. Esp when u r sitting on the toilet and a bee comes buzzing towards you. Hahaha!

Bali Hotel said...

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Bubbles said...

We were there for our pre-wedding holiday and may very well return for our honeymoon. Bali is so beautiful.